5 Patient Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine lets doctors provide each individual patient with accessible, tailored, and deeply personal care. Unlike traditional primary care physicians, who have to split their focus between dozens of patients each day, concierge doctors work with a relatively small group of patients to deliver care that is highly customized. 

It’s no surprise this model of care is becoming more and more popular. According to a recent statistic, the field of concierge medicine is growing at a rate of 3%-6% each year. The benefits of practices like Hansen Health Solutions are extensive - here’s what patients can expect:

Greater appointment availability

Concierge doctors typically run a practice with only a few hundred patients. Which means they can see their patients more often with shorter waiting times. In fact, more than 60% of concierge medical practices report their patients have a wait time of less than five minutes and half of those practices report no wait times at all. Concierge practices also offer virtual appointments - you can seek medical advice from the comfort of your bedroom!

Increased time with your doctor

The average U.S. based physician only has 20 minutes to spend with each patient (at least ten of which are devoted to paperwork). In contrast, concierge doctors spend an hour or more with new patients to gain a clear picture of their overall health. Follow-up appointments can be 30 minutes, or longer, in order to fine-tune each patient’s treatment plan. At Hansen Health Solutions, you receive cell phone numbers for your providers, 24/7 access, and direct, continual communication with your entire medical team. 

A whole health approach

The team of experienced doctors at IYA Medical, work together to develop a clear profile of each patient. They look at each individual’s health from a functional and holistic angle. This provides a baseline and allows them to quickly recognize changes, when and if they happen. It’s not just medical care - they offer nutritional planning services and personalized health coaching, so you can maintain your good health. 

Higher quality preventive care

Concierge care is designed to be proactive, instead of reactive. When you choose concierge medicine, you don’t just see your doctor when you’re sick. You schedule regular visits to track your health and ensure any issues are caught and treated before they turn into serious medical conditions. 

More efficient health coverage

Because concierge doctors have more time to spend with their patients, they’re less likely to rely on expensive tests and procedures to diagnose. Which makes this practice cost-effective. Our team has a vested interest in your health and will provide you with a higher level of service. 

If you opt for concierge care with IYA Medical, you gain access to qualified doctors when you need them. 

Are you ready to make a change? Call IYA Medical at 480-750-8130 or contact us with your questions today. 

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