Finish Off Your Weight-Loss Journey with CoolSculpting®

If you’ve worked hard to lose weight and transform your body through diet and exercise, congratulations! Reducing your size and building muscle tone is an accomplishment that you should be proud of.

At times, a weight loss journey can feel frustrating, especially when you’re close to your ideal weight but find certain areas of fat like your thighs, hips, and abs just won’t go away no matter what you try. If this sounds like you, our team of doctors at IYA Medical in Scottdale, Arizona, offers a convenient solution: CoolSculpting® fat-freezing technology. 

Using CoolSculpting technology, you can complete your weight-loss journey through a noninvasive, nonsurgical process. Keep reading to learn more about how CoolSculpting works to give you the figure you’ve always desired. 

How CoolSculpting works

An FDA-cleared procedure, CoolSculpting uses advanced cryolipolysis technology to remove fat through a freezing process. Instead of removing fat cells directly, CoolSculpting crystallizes fat cells by lowering the temperature of targeted fat cells so your body can naturally eliminate them. 

Your frozen fat cells shrink permanently, without affecting your nearby skin, organs, muscles, and other tissues not targeted by the CoolSculpting process. Each CoolSculpting treatment eliminates up to 25% of fat in the targeted area.

Within a few months of your treatment, your body breaks down the damaged fat cells and eliminates them with ease. Your body will look sleeker and more toned without the former fat deposits. 

Areas that CoolSculpting targets

Once you’re at or close to your goal weight and have a body mass index of no more than 30, CoolSculpting successfully reduces the fat in the areas you wish to eliminate it. Scott Gerrish, DO, our CoolSculpting specialist at IYA Medical, helps you develop a customized treatment plan to help you get the results you desire. 

CoolSculpting can contour and sculpt a number of areas in your body, including:

CoolSculpting is a pain-free treatment with no downtime

CoolSculpting is a convenient outpatient treatment that doesn’t require you to take any time out of your busy schedule to recover. Each session with Dr. Gerrish takes just an hour at our office in Scottsdale, Arizona, and you can go right back to work or your other commitments when it’s finished.

During your CoolSculpting session, Dr. Gerrish uses a CoolSculpting applicator on the targeted area of your body. You might feel pulling and cold sensations but won’t experience pain. As Dr. Gerrish performs the procedure, you can relax, work, or even sleep.

After getting CoolSculpting, you might get minor, temporary redness, tingling and numbness, or bruising in the area treated, but this resolves quickly and won’t get in the way of your typical routine. You’ll start to notice results within a few weeks, with the full effect taking up to four months to appear.

Lose fat while tightening skin with CoolSculpting

By getting up to three CoolSculpting sessions with Dr. Gerrish, you’ll experience fat loss while also shaping the area, making your skin appear firmer and tighter. To maintain the results you get from CoolSculpting, keep up the healthy diet and exercise routine. 

Stop feeling discouraged by the stubborn fat pockets that won’t go away, and take the next exciting step to obtain the body shape you’ve always wanted. For a more sculpted silhouette, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gerrish at IYA Medical by calling our office. We’re also offering virtual appointments.


Individual results may vary.

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