What Constitutes Excessive Sweating?

When you’ve soaked your shirt after exercising or broken a sweat before giving a big presentation, it’s natural to wonder if you’re sweating excessively

It’s normal to sweat in some circumstances, but if your sweating is excessive, you might have a condition called primary hyperhidrosis. If you have primary hyperhidrosis, a revolutionary treatment called miraDry® can help reduce excessive sweating. 

Learn from Scott Gerrish, DO, the excessive sweating specialist at  IYA Medical in Scottsdale, Arizona, about what constitutes excessive sweating and how miraDry can help.

Understanding excessive sweating

Primary hyperhidrosis, the condition that causes excessive sweating, occurs as a result of overactive sweat glands. Because of this overactivity, your glands receive constant messages to sweat.

This can cause you to sweat in a variety of inappropriate situations and can be further exacerbated if you feel anxious or under stress. Most often, excessive sweating is at least partially the result of genetics, so your odds of having this condition increase if a close family member also has it.

Differences between typical and excessive sweating

Sweating in some situations is normal, but other times your patterns might show you sweat excessively. These are some of the key differences between typical and excessive sweating that might indicate you have primary hyperhidrosis.

You sweat for reasons other than excessive heat and exercise

It’s your body’s standard physical response to sweat if you’re outdoors on a hot day or participating in physical activity that increases your heart rate. You might have excessive sweating if you regularly sweat in other circumstances.

You sweat all over your body

You’re more likely to have excessive sweating if you regularly sweat on both sides of your body. Excessive sweating can happen on your hands and feet, face, and under your arms.

You sweat frequently

It’s also normal to occasionally sweat when you’re anxious or nervous, even at times when you’re not overheated or exercising. If you have the episodes at least once per week, though, you’re more likely to have primary hyperhidrosis.

Your sweating is disruptive to your lifestyle or routine

Excessive sweating can cause you to feel like sweating is getting in the way of your daily routine. You might also experience emotional distress or anxiety about your sweating.

Treating excessive sweating with miraDry

Dr. Gerrish starts out your excessive sweating treatment by performing a full evaluation to see if you have primary hyperhidrosis. If he determines you sweat excessively, he may recommend miraDry treatment, which can reduce your sweating by an average of 82%.

You receive miraDry treatment on an outpatient basis at our state-of-the-art practice. The FDA-cleared miraDry technology uses thermal energy to permanently reduce the number of sweat and odor glands in your underarms, lessening how much you sweat.

During your treatment, we use the miraDry device to suction out sweat and odor glands with the aid of the thermal energy. You get local anesthesia in your underarms at the start of the procedure so you don’t experience any pain.

The total treatment takes about an hour. Your underarms might be sore or swollen after the procedure, but you won’t need any downtime and can resume your typical activities right after the procedure.

To stop experiencing the discomfort and embarrassment of excessive sweating, consider changing your life by getting miraDry treatment. To make an in-office or telehealth appointment with our team at IYA Medical, call us at 480-409-7382.

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