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Dysport FDA Approved Alternative to BOTOX

Fight frown lines and the overdone look. Those who want a natural look choose Dysport. It’s proven to help smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. Don’t surrender to a look that’s just not you. Take charge of your frown lines by asking for Dysport by name.

Why Dysport?

Instead of making you feel like your face is frozen, Dysport temporarily treats the facial muscles in just the area you want — between the eyebrows — and allows the muscles in the untreated areas of your face to move normally. Delight, surprise, shock, concern — you can still show your natural facial expressions when treating moderate to severe frown lines with Dysport. And that’s certainly something to smile about.

Dysport™ has been used for years in over 26 countries and is now available at Gerrish & Associates. It is the first FDA approved drug of its type to compete with BOTOX®, which also uses the botulinum toxin. According to reports, it has been found to take effect within the first day or 2 of treatment and can last 2 to 4 weeks longer than BOTOX. The skin begins smoothing out as treated facial muscles relax. Also, improvements from Dysport™ have been found to last up to 4 months.

According to physician reports, “Both Botox® and Dysport™ temporarily modify the action of facial muscles, smoothing out undesirable lines between the brows, across the forehead or crow’s feet to restore a more youthful, less stressed appearance. But they are not interchangeable, they have distinct dosing difference.” Dr. Gerrish will determine which is best for you. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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