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As many as one-third of people may experience a hormonal imbalance with age. If you’re experiencing the signs of changing hormones, physicians at IYA Medical offers bioidentical hormones via convenient pellet therapy. The therapy helps restore hormonal balance for patients in Scottsdale, Arizona. Find out if bioidentical hormones are right for you by calling today or booking a consultation online.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are an essential element of hormone replacement therapy for women and men. 

Bioidentical hormones can offer relief from uncomfortable symptoms that appear in the transitional years of menopause for women, and andropause, a menopause-like stage that men may experience.

The term bioidentical refers to hormones that mimic those your body produces on a molecular level. These hormones are from plant materials, which are scientifically designed in laboratories to match natural human hormones. 

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps to alleviate the effects of hormone loss from menopause and other health conditions. The therapy works by restoring the hormones you've lost with bioidentical hormones, which closely resemble your natural hormones. 

Your provider tailors treatment to you based on your gender and other factors. The therapy includes specific doses of estrogen for women and testosterone for men.

How are bioidentical hormones different from other hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are plant-derived pellets that gradually release precise doses of hormones into your bloodstream. This prevents the rollercoaster-like effects that patients often experience with other forms of hormone replacement.

Unlike traditional hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormone pellets release hormones continually, as your body needs the hormones. 

In contrast, hormones delivered by pills, injections, or patches may cause abrupt hormone fluctuations. Bioidentical hormone pellets keep your hormone levels stable and sustained.

What happens during bioidentical hormone therapy?

A typical regime of bioidentical hormone therapy includes 2-4 rice-sized pellets per year. Your practitioner at IYA Medical first tests your hormone levels to arrive at the right dosage for you. 

Next, during a quick procedure at IYA Medical, they insert a small pellet in your buttocks containing the correct amount of hormones. Once inserted, the pellet gradually releases bioidentical hormones into your body, rebalancing your hormone levels.

When do bioidentical hormones take effect?

Your practitioner discusses before your therapy when you can expect to achieve hormone optimization. Most patients who choose bioidentical hormones report some symptom resolution in as little as four weeks. It may take up to six months to reach full optimization. 

Your practitioner at IYA Medical customizes your bioidentical hormone therapy journey to fit your specific needs. Their goal is to restore your hormones to an optimal level.

Are you ready for relief from uncomfortable hormonal fluctuations with bioidentical hormones? Call IYA Medical today or book a consultation online.