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Toning and strengthening muscles take a lot of hard work and numerous hours at the gym, but what if there was an easier way to achieve firm, toned muscles on your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs? At IYA Medical in Scottsdale, Arizona, distinguished physicians and experts in aesthetic treatments who offer cutting-edge CoolTone™ body contouring treatment. CoolTone is noninvasive and works by stimulating the muscles to contract repeatedly. Call IYA Medical today to find out more or book an appointment online.

CoolTone Q & A

What is CoolTone?

CoolTone is a noninvasive body contouring treatment. It uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology, which helps to tone, strengthen, and firm the muscles in your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Each treatment session lasts 30-45 minutes. At IYA Medical, you receive your CoolTone treatment from an experienced physician who’s a leading expert in aesthetic treatments.

How does CoolTone work?

CoolTone magnetic muscle stimulation technology uses high-powered coil electromagnetic stimulation applicators with built-in liquid cooling. These applicators enable the energy to penetrate below the layer of fat under your skin and into the muscles.

Magnetic muscle stimulation causes powerful, repeated contractions of the muscle tissues in the treatment area. The contractions give your muscles the kind of workout that wouldn’t be possible if you were exercising normally.

During a CoolTone treatment session, around 25,000 strong contractions occur in your muscles. The muscles respond to the intense contractions as they would during physical exercise, breaking down and rebuilding stronger muscle fibers.

The result is a significant increase in muscle mass and strength.

What muscles does CoolTone treat?

CoolTone has FDA approval for building and toning large muscles in the:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Legs

The CoolTone process enables you to achieve natural-looking muscle tone and body contours without the need to undergo surgery.

You can combine CoolTone treatment with CoolSculpting®, which is a treatment that freezes fat cells. The frozen fat cells break down, and you achieve more pleasing contours.

If you have CoolTone treatment after CoolSculpting, you can tone up the muscles that were hidden under the fat pads that CoolSculpting has taken care of.

How many CoolTone treatments will I need?

Most patients find that an initial course of four treatments at weekly intervals produces excellent results. You can then return to IYA Medical for further maintenance treatments on a less frequent basis.

Your provider can advise you on how often you need top-up CoolTone treatments based on your individual aims.

To find out more about CoolTone and see if it’s right for you, call IYA Medical today and schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.