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Almost 3% of the population suffers from excessive sweating, but physicians, at IYA Medical offer miraDry® to treat excessive sweating in a quick, one-hour session. Treatments are conveniently available for both women and men. If you’re ready to permanently reduce unwanted sweat, along with odor and hair, call the office in Scottsdale, Arizona, today or book a consultation online.

Excessive Sweating Q & A

What causes excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating without an underlying medical basis is known as primary hyperhidrosis. This condition happens when the nerves responsible for triggering sweat go into overdrive, causing an excess of unnecessary sweating. 

Excessive sweating tends to have a genetic component, so if your mother or father had this condition, you’re more likely to have it too. 

How is excessive sweating treated?

MiraDry is a non-surgical treatment to address excessive sweating permanently. Cleared by the FDA, miraDry uses the therapeutic power of thermal energy to reduce unwanted sweat, along with odor and hair in as little as one treatment session. 

The procedure has a proven track record. Providers have performed more than 100,000 miraDry treatments globally. 

How does miraDry work?

The thermal energy in miraDry targets and eliminates both sweat and odor glands in your underarm. The removal is permanent, so the glands don’t come back, providing a lasting remedy for excessive sweating.

Is it safe to eliminate sweat glands? 

You have as many as four million sweat glands in your body, and just 2% are in your underarms. MiraDry only addresses the sweat glands under your arms, leaving millions of remaining glands behind. 

After your treatment, your body will still sweat as usual, but your underarms will sweat significantly less.

What happens during miraDry treatment?

Your practitioner at IYA Medical begins by numbing your underarm, then marking it with a temporary tattoo. This defines your treatment area. 

When they apply the handheld miraDry device, you feel a slight suction as the device pulls sweat and odor glands closer to your skin’s surface to optimize your treatment. 

Then, thermal energy enters your skin, zapping the glands, while a flow of constant cooling prevents heat damage and keeps you comfortable. You can expect a typical treatment to take an hour. 

What results can I expect after excessive sweating treatment?

Clinical results show miraDry decreases excessive underarm sweating by an average of 82%. As with any aesthetic treatment, individual results vary.

How many miraDry treatments do I need?

Your practitioner at IYA Medical discusses an optimal treatment plan to achieve your desired results. You may sweat less after just one session. 

If you’re ready to be free from excessive sweating, call IYA Medical about miraDry or book a consultation online.